China Merchant Shekou Ferry Terminal Service Co., Ltd.


Address:Terminal Building 1, No.1 Gangwan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen  

Post Code:518067

E_mail: webmaster@szgky.com

Express Shipping Service:(86755)26889694

Ticket Office for HK-Macau Line:(86755)26691213 Fax:26672309

Ticket Office for DomesticLine:(86755)26695600 Fax:26672479

Complaint Phone :(86755)26690240 (Only handle complaints about business)


China Merchant Shekou Ferry Terminal Service Co., Ltd. is also known as Shekou Passenger Terminal. It was built in 1981, and affiliated with China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Co., Ltd., which belongs to China Merchants. It is a limited liability company with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Now, it has a fixed asset of 100 million yuan. The coastline of the terminal is 1,025m long, there are 16 berths, and covers an area of 25,371m2. There are 30 ships in operation of the terminal, of which 22 are high speed luxurious ships, and 8 are ordinary high speed ships. It has two ticket halls, three waiting halls (two for HK-Macau line, and one for domestic line) and six service counters for pre-check in.

Shekou Passenger Terminal has superior geographical position and convenient transportation, and it is the waterway passenger transportation junction of Shenzhen. Now, it has four scheduled high speed passenger ship lines (namely Shekou to Hong Kong International Airport, Shekou to Hong Kong, Shekou to Macau and Shekou to Zhuhai) and nonscheduled peripheral island lines. It exclusively begins providing “pre-check in service” at Shekou Passenger Terminal for Hong Kong International Airport, so at Shekou Terminal, passengers can directly get the boarding pass and baggage delivery service for flights taking off from Hong Kong International Airport.

Shekou Passenger Terminal has perfect transportation network. Waterway: 25 nautical miles from Hong Kong, sailing time is 50 minutes; 11 nautical miles from Hong Kong International Airport, sailing time is 30 minutes; 32 nautical miles from Macau (Yuetong Terminal), sailing time is 80 minutes; 25 nautical miles from Macau (New HK Macau Ferry Terminal), sailing time is 60 minutes; 25 nautical miles from Zhuhai, sailing time is 60 minutes; Railway: 30km from Shenzhen Railway Station. Air: 30km from Shenzhen International Airport. Road: There are many direct lines of buses to Shekou Passenger Terminal.