Tugboat Companies from Shenzhen and Hong Kong Hold a Business Exchange Seminar

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Recently, the Business Exchange Seminar for Tugboat Companies from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which is held twice a year, was held in Hong Kong Yiu Lian Dockyards. Mr. Wang Renyuan, Vice President of Shenzhen Ports Association and Chairman of Shenzhen Yantian Tugboat Co. Ltd., Mr. Ding Xiaohua, Director of the Tugboat Specialized Committee of Shenzhen Ports Association and General Manager of Shenzhen Chiwan Shipping & Transportation Co., Ltd., and 20 other representatives from the Tugboat Specialized Committee and Hong Kong tugboat companies attended this Seminar.

The Seminar was hosted by Mr. Huang Qiangzhong, Vice General Manager of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. The attendees discussed the development of shipping industry, and exchanged ideas on the allocation issue of tugboats based on vessel maximization. It was agreed that, the shipping industry had not recovered yet, and the business of the entire tugboat industry was not optimistic, therefore, tugboat companies of Shenzhen and Hong Kong should reinforce the cooperation in cost control, production safety and business cooperation, etc. and make it through the challenges together.

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