Shenzhen Ports Association Hold the First President’s Summit of the Eighth Council

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On the afternoon of September 3rd, 2014, the first President’s Summit of the Eighth Council of Shenzhen Ports Association was held in the Grand Skylight Garden Hotel Shenzhen. The summit was hosted by Mr. Patrick Lam, the President of the association. The attendees included 7 Vice Presidents: Mr. Li Kaifeng, Mr. Qu Jiandong, Mr. Pan Ke, Mr. Benjamin Lai, Mr. Patrick Wong, Mr. Zhao Qiang and Mr. Wang Renyuan, the representative of Supervisory Board: Mr. Sun Bohai, and 20 more representatives of the members. And Mr. Yang Guang, the Deputy Director General of the Port, Shipping and Freight Transportation Administration Bureau of the Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, was also invited to join the summit.

Report on the recent work of the Secretarial was briefed by Mr. Jiang Yansheng, Secretary General of the Association, and it was recognized that, since this year, with the sincerity to serve the members, the Secretarial had overcame the challenges in staff shortage and heavy workload, and completed plenty of fruitful tasks, which played an important part in building up the influence of the Association. The Summit gave full credits to the Secretarial for their hard work this year.

The summit deliberated and passed the proposal of the appointments of Ms. Li Haiping from China Merchants Port Service (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. and Mr. Zhang Kai from China Merchants Holdings (International) Co., Ltd. as the Council Directors and Vice Secretaries General, and the proposal of the appointment of Mr. Wei Xinwei from Shenzhen Sino-Benny LPG Co., Ltd as the Council Director.

In the end, the Summit also discussed the common issues in the present development of port industry.

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