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Da Chan Bay

Vice President Company

Address:Xi Xiang, Bao An District, Shenzhen 518102, PRC

Tel: (86) 755 2902 2888

Fax: (86) 755 2902 2828

Email: commercial@DaChanBayOne.com


DaChan Bay Terminals (DaChan Bay) is situated in the West Shenzhen Port area in South China.  It is a new international container terminal serving the Pan-Pearl River Delta cargo catchment areas.  DaChan Bay covers an area of 112 hectares with five berths along its quay of 1,830 metres long and 600 meters wide.  Its water depth alongside is currently 15.5 meters and will eventually be dredged to 18 meters, allowing DaChan Bay to accommodate the world’s largest existing and planned container vessels.

Occupying a strategic location that encompasses well-developed land and waterway access to both the eastern and western sides of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), DaChan Bay Terminals is the newest container terminal in Shenzhen, catering for the efficiency and capacity needed in this market. DaChan Bay also provides shipping line customers a distinct opportunity to capture new cargo catchment areas as factories migrate inland and to the west of the PRD. 

Managed by Modern Terminals Limited, which has more than 40 years of solid experience of container terminal operations in Hong Kong, one of the world’s busiest seaports, DaChan Bay Terminals is equipped with the most advanced IT systems, facilities and equipment available. By adopting Modern Terminals’ expertise and a culture that values mutual trust and respect, accountability, customer-focus and teamwork, DaChan Bay is committed to providing its customers with a wide-range of services and operational excellence.

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